Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simple Christmas in KL

Snow flakes on a stick
First of all, biskut ni tak terfikir pun nak buat until my cousin yang duk suruh for her doctor. Sorry dear, bila dah siap semua, terlupa nak kasi pada my cousin ni and dia dah pun jumpa doktornya. I had a few more but this is the first batch sugar cookie on stick. I wish cookie stick di KL ni murah lah tapi since Wilton je yang ada, harganya agak mahal. RM 10 for 20 sticks if not mistaken.

Since Christmas has become commercialise, I think ramai suka tengok decorationnya. Yes...I know we muslim don't celebrate christmas but nonetheless the decoration and songs are just lovely.  Oh well...hope you enjoy this picture. Thank you for reading. 

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