Friday, January 11, 2013

Salam Tahun Baru 2013

Assalam semua,

Salam tahun baru...minta maaf lah ye. Lama pulak tak update blog ni. Since back from holiday tu macam macam hal nak kene buat. Restructure few things, adding more things, did some shopping, look for more ideas....and etc

Terima kasih kepada customer tahun lepas. Rasa terharu pulak tiba tiba. I hope to improve more this year and the with the new order...thank you for your support.

Just to share with you that I will be celebrating my son's 3 birthday. Dalam diam diam yang kononnya nak buat simple ...terus jadi complicated. Rasanya I will add another service in my blog soon. For the birthday I did few label design and later you can purchase from me with a very minimal amount.

Ok ok...label yang di sebutkan tu ada di bawah. Ni contoh ye. Give me few weeks to update lagi banyak label untuk birthday party anak-anak puan. :)

I hope you like it and yes...the birthday theme is THOMAS and Friends!

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