Sunday, March 16, 2014

Finally Some Rain!

Morning everybody..sorry for not updating my blog ever since I started working. I wish I would have the time to update my blog, my facebook and even baking. I have been baking but didn't manage to upload since time is very limited and precious.

Just to share with you that it is difficult for me to make my sugar cookies anymore due to time constraint, and I would not want to destroy the design because of rush work. However, I  would love to make it again when I am back doing it full time. 

Talking about my baking cake and cookies, I wonder whether anybody would want to open a small cafe with me? This cafe is a small set up, maybe looking at RM50k per person to set up? All this will be a profit sharing business and don't worry, InsyaAllah it would not be an over night business plan. I really need to have a proper planning and meetings with other investors if have. 

I hope all of you are all well, and I feel so blessed today because while writing this, the rain is pouring outside, and I can hear the birds are chirping. Aren't we glad that it finally rains? Alhamdulillah. I hope starting today, things will be better and hope the future belongs to us all. As for the passengers of MH370, I pray that a miracle will bring you back to your loved ones. Aminn.

Well now, I got to go...will need to bake my chocolate pecan chip cookies and oatmeal cookies for customers. Almost everybody loves the cookie, and you will not be disappointed. Call me to order okay. 

Take care and always count your blessings every day. 

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