Monday, April 01, 2013

TM UNIFI anniversary

Alhamdulillah semua dah selesai. Lama jugak tak update blog kerana asyik membaking tak sudah. Anyway...last year my huge order was with OMEGA and Alhamdulillah tahun ni dengan UNIFI lah pula. I have to bake 1300 pieces and 1 huge cake (not only huge but heavy). I've learned many things when I accept this project and I am blessed having such a great support system. Thank you MOM...DAD..hubby, cousins and friends. To cut the story was tiring, happy, sad, emotional and lastly relief... Check out some of the pictures taken during the making of my CUPCAKE WAR.

41 batches of red velvet

each tray can fit 42 to 48 pieces. You do the math

4 kilos of cream cheese....icing sugar...etc..etc...etc Not to mention the fondant and sprinkles

overwhelmed by the size of this cake. 20 inches wide...and 5 inches high

Thank god...the top is just a dummy cake.

Finally...all good to go. 1 box consist of 116 pieces. ...yup...please do the math.

4 hours to roll the fondant...and redo...and roll..and redo. fainted...

All done...Alhamdulillah. This cake is 30 kilos. yup!

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