Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh Korean Food!

My latest food crave is Korean food. It is rare to find halal korean food in Malaysia and I just hope they will introduce more of it soon. I find it very healthy and delicious. They really know how to marinate their grill beef to perfection. Mind you...One Serving is not enough. 

My favourite Koren restaurant is in KLCC and we will make it a point a monthly food outing to this place. 
My son loves the rice and as for my hubby and I...we eat and finish almost everything we ordered. Sedappppppppp. Price wise...mmm....a bit on the higher side but worth it because I hardly find delicious grill beef anywhere else. 

I didn't take much picture that I ate because I actually forgot to snap it. busy bee eating. 
Will remind myself to snap more picture the next time around okay.

Pic below is their rice cake with seafood . Yum!

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