Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Biskut / Kuih Malaysia?

Morning peeps!..I have something to share with you guys. Yesterday memang totally exhausted since I didn't eat much during Sahur. Seharian terasa amat lapar and there goes my baking session yang kononnya nak bake sampai 4 batches. Teramat dasyatnya sampaikan suami yang masak for berbuka. Alhamdulillah.

While waiting for break fasting, I decided to surf the net and look for the history of our kuih raya. Biskut Raya Malaysia. To my amazement, some of our cookies are actually not a local recipes but overseas. Currently yang teramat famous bak kata kawan ku ialah The rainbow cats tongue cookies. hihihi. Amazingly this cookies dah lama ada di pasaran. Ada yang locally made, di kedai cina yang jual biskut dalam tong and internationally ada yang dah di pack in such an exclusive packaging. You can find this in high end supermarket in kl. The only different is the cookie is not rainbow in colour. =)

There are few more kuih and biskut raya yang kita dah perbaharui namanya.
pizalles (pic from allrecipes)
Biskut Kapit ( pic from mzbakery)
German Cookies pic from  
Biskut Suji ( pic from passionbite blogspot) . Cuma biskut suji kita ada mengandungi minyak sapi.

Balkan Tulumbe Pastries. Serbian Dessert. Ini ala ala nekbat sebenarnya ( pic from
Our local Nebat. (pic from
Original cats tongue. (pic from
Originally hails from SPAIN and named as a Lenguas De Gato
Biskut Lidah Kucing Pelangi. ( pic from Citrasawan) 
So far I have these much pictures. Ada lagi...tapi akan di update lagi ok. buhbyE!

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